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Author Topic: Bringing down the per-metre and per-job costs for installing fibre for BT  (Read 447 times)


  • Kitizen
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Is there anything that could be done to dramatically cut the costs of installing fibre for BT et al.

Any procedural improvements? Robotics even - I don't know, a ímoleĎ (watching eg Thunderbirds) or some automated thing for digging / boring ready for ducting to go in. What about splicing / termination process improvements ?

Plus an across-the-board requirement for longsightedness / upgradeability / future-proofing. This might include a requirement to always have oversized ducts and to always lay unnecessary dark fibre to begin with. So the terminal devices can just be swapped out, there can be DWM PHY upgrades and intermediate nodes and routers and switches can just be after fibres are upgraded or or more fibres are lit up.

What about getting economies of scale going for a start by political intervention forcing more fibre replacements for last mile copper loops?