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Author Topic: Second Monitor Won't Show Up (Windows 10) Tried Everything :(  (Read 1432 times)


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Second Monitor Won't Show Up (Windows 10) Tried Everything :(
« on: January 04, 2017, 01:38:02 AM »

So I have just bought 2 DELL Ultrasharp U2414H monitors, I have a GTX 1070 and I cannot get the second monitor to appear on windows. Both the monitors work fine, I have changed them to DP 1.2 and Mini DP which is what they use in the monitor settings, tried them both separately with their own DP cable and they work fine. I had the first monitor using a DP cable in DP 1 on the GPU and the second monitor using HDMI and its works fine, but if the second monitor uses DP it wont show up at all, I have also tried plugging it in DP 3 on the GPU and nothing. Iv'e tried different drivers, been in the BIOS and Im not sure what else to do.



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Re: Second Monitor Won't Show Up (Windows 10) Tried Everything :(
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2017, 06:07:02 PM »

I think you can daisy chain these monitors using the displayport in/out on the back of said monitor.



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Re: Second Monitor Won't Show Up (Windows 10) Tried Everything :(
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2017, 05:47:56 AM »

The only slightly similar experience I have is with my son's computer.   He games on his machine and has dual screen and an AMD R9 380 gfx card.

Both monitors work fine under normal windowed applications but about 6 months ago, after a driver update, the second monitor is now automatically disabled when he plays in full screen mode - this annoys him as he likes to keep TeamSpeak and other things open on his second monitor.  Try as I might, I have not been able to stop this behaviour.  Bizarrely my PC, which is similar apart from having a 780ti gfx card does not exhibit this behaviour.

With no drivers installed I am pretty sure you will only get one screen working but I am sure you have this sorted already. Anyway, as long as you have your drivers correctly installed there are some other possibilities :

This guy had the same issue and claimed its to do with the cable and DP standards - also have a look at this thread which also suggests most of these issues are relating to bad DP cables or driver settings.

Good luck !