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Can I ask please that people try minimise the amount of quotes used, especially when using nested quotes.
Nested quotes are when you start getting quotes within quotes that start building up within a post.

I've had a couple of separate requests over the past week or so, saying that the overuse of quotes has made it hard for some other people to read a thread. :(

A guideline is that if you are directly replying to the post above then you shouldn't need to use quotes.
Quotes are useful if you are responding to a particular post that may be several posts above.

I did mention it a few days ago in one of the topics, but that may have gone un-noticed.    I have been trying to clean up some as I go along, but it has rather time consuming for me. :/  It was only when pointed out to me that I could see that it could be a problem for some people trying to read a whole thread if theyve not been on the forum for a few days.

Unfortunately the forum software doesnt have a respond to button, but if you use the @ symbol, and the other person uses tapatalk, then tapatalk will alert the user that you are directly responding to them.

eg @kitz

I know some forums make it a strict rule about full use of quotes and nested quotes.  I don't really want to have to do that, just ask if you could bear in mind that overuse of quotes does sometimes make a thread harder to read for some people.

Thank you :)

Gets my vote.

William Grimsley:
kitz, I hope I've made an effort to reduce this on my posts?

personally its never gave me an issue reading, but yeah its good to keep things tidy.

First, I agree, nested quotes are rarely useful.

But... am I imagining it, or has the default behaviour changed at some time in the past?    I could swear there once was a time, when you replied by pressing the 'quote' button to a post that already quoted another, the earlier (potentially nested) quote was silently discarded.    ???

But maybe I'm thinking of a different forum, or maybe I'm just mistaken. ::)


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