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Can't get Windows 7 updates from Microsoft, but not sure why..

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Hi All, i am hoping somebody can help.
i have a laptop running Windows 7 32 bit and a PC running Windows 7 64 bit and i can't get either to update from the Windows Update feature, both just stay on the checking for updates page and never do anything else. I have tried the laptop on wireless and wired and the PC is connected to my Zyxel VMG8924-B10A via ethernet cable. i have run every version of standalone update and windows update repairs and have also done a reinstall on my laptop and it still just hangs on the checking page.
i did update my router firmware recently and have now changed it back to version 7 and i still cant connect. i have had various errors such as 0x80070057,, 0x80070003, 0x80244019 and others reported back from the windows update repair program but still i cannot get updates so i was wondering if it could be router settings as it is on both my laptop and pc.
i have run AVG virus check and i also a few windows repair programmes.
i am on plusnet unlimited vdsl.
i have changed my DNS settings to the ones from the plusnet site and still no go.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The first update can take an hour or to finish it's checking for updates stage. Apart fom that I recall running a Microsoft fix it once.

Endless post on umpteen forums about this issue
No one "solution" seems to have been found.
The best one can do it seems to be to let it alone connected and on for up to 24 hours
Re-installs are a particular bug bear

Start reading at
also at

Yep...leave it run for also takes that long on my windows update server running on my lan.


I've had a similar problem with a laptop at work, it originally showed about 47 updates, but would never download them, I've now got it to the point where it never gets to finish checking for updates, in fact the laptop goes to sleep. Perhaps I should stop it sleeping and leave it going over night.

Failing the above I'll probably just upgrade to Windows 10, except I'll have to do it manually as the upgrade app seems to just close.

PS. It's not network related with mine as my desktop PC updated yesterday.


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