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Author Topic: Openreach roll out G.INP retransmission to their ECI cabinets  (Read 4528 times)


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It would appear that Openreach have now commenced rolling out G.INP retransmission to their ECI cabinets.  The first sign was on the 6th of March when one of our community members on an ECI cabinet had G.INP applied, things seemed to quieten down for a short while,  but as of the 17th of March a batch of users are reporting G.INP updates to their lines.

BT Openreach rolled out retransmission to their Huawei cabinets last year, but progress to the ECI's stalled after problems were discovered for those using modem routers with Lantiq based chipsets.  Openreach admitted at that time that their ECI/Lantiq equipment was not capable of upstream retransmission and many users were seeing a decrease in speed and increased latency.  A workaround was put in place for those users on Huawei cabinets with ECI modems, but progress for those on ECI cabinets temporarily came to a halt.

G.INP retransmission offers effective protection against Impulse Noise in order to improve line stability.  It also reduces overheads and latency when compared to traditional methods of interleaving and RS Error Correction.  The result is most users should find themselves with slightly faster connection speeds and better line stability. 

Unfortunately though, it has been noted that a few users have experienced a loss of speed of circa 2Mbps.   
It is too early yet to form anything conclusive, but we will continue to monitor and will report further when there are more users on ECI cabinets using G.INP to be able to conduct a more detailed analysis.


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