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 on: Today at 10:25:00 PM 
Started by Tuxornot - Last post by burakkucat
Welcome, as a contributor, to the Kitz forum.  :)

There is a useful Wikipedia page that provides a synopsis of IEEE P802.1p which includes a table of priority levels.

The IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee main page shows a list of IEEE 802 Working Groups and Study Groups, one of which is the 802.1 Higher Layer LAN Protocols Working Group.

My very limited understanding of P802.1p is that it is intimately related to the QoS of G.993.2 based links. Hence if one is not able to define a value -- the CPE does not have an appropriate mechanism for doing so (a configuration option) -- then the service obtained will be somewhat sub-optimal.

 on: Today at 09:04:36 PM 
Started by Tuxornot - Last post by Tuxornot

I've been lurking in the forum for a few weeks to gleen info on vdsl because I am moving soon from adsl and I wanted to find out about vdsl modems, the best place for this is here because I have learned so much, I must thank every one who posts here for that  :)

What I need to know is what is 802.1P priority in the vdsl settings, I notice a lot of ISP's seem to use 0 or 1 but my new ISP uses 7.

Now as far as I can gather from reading manuals of other routers is some, EG tplink don't seem to have a setting for 802.1P priority that I can see, hence asking what it is and how important is it ?

My new ISP is sending out a basic Asus router [ Lantiq chipset ] and I have bought a Zyxel router [ broadcom chipset ], I have now the option to test both for best performance. Both of these have the 802.1P priority setting. I have a feeling I may be stuck with routers that only have this setting  :(

I intend to use the router in bridge mode to my pfsense firewall and an AP for wifi.


 on: Today at 08:30:26 PM 
Started by z1ts - Last post by broadstairs
In my experience it is somewhat unusual for cats to use grass for their toilet, ours always used the flower borders and now we don't have one the cats which do visit generally do the same. Problematic when gardening I agree. We have used spray repellent which can work but needs regular application. One issue we do have is not cats but foxes (urban ones) which do cr4p everywhere. Are you sure it is cats and not urban foxes? Foxes are a problem as repellent generally does not work, the one which used to work some 20 years ago is now banned  >:(


 on: Today at 07:35:35 PM 
Started by ejs - Last post by Ronski
Passing thought: I get a feeling that we've recently seen a lot more Huawei-288 cabinets, relative to the smaller ones, than was seen in the commercial rollout. I wonder if this kind of migration has already been budgeted for?

All the second cabs around here have been 288 port Huawei cabs, be great to get ADSL from the cab, pretty much everyone will benefit but a big hurdle is LLU

 on: Today at 07:27:44 PM 
Started by Darren - Last post by Ronski
I don't think there is any difference in packages between coax and FTTP.

 on: Today at 07:20:58 PM 
Started by z1ts - Last post by Ronski
Is the grass short or long? I've noticed over the years that cats like to make use of long grass, if it's nice and short they tend to go else where.

 on: Today at 07:17:22 PM 
Started by z1ts - Last post by sevenlayermuddle
Within reason, try being nice to it.   Get to the point where it'll come over for a gentle stroke behind the ear, with a reciprocating purr

In my experience, cats like to do their business away from home.  If it sees you as part of home, however...

Be careful, though.   Being excessively nice  to the neighbour's cat is a risky business... all too easy to find you've been adopted as the cat's new 'human', and no more xmas cards from the neighbour.   :D

 on: Today at 03:34:20 PM 
Started by z1ts - Last post by roseway
I did have an ultrasonic repeller at one time, and it was effective, but after a while it went wrong and started emitting the loud audible test signal continuously, which didn't please the neighbours. My problem wasn't the cats' doings, but the fact that I encourage a lot of birds into my garden, and cats and birds don't mix.

 on: Today at 03:07:37 PM 
Started by z1ts - Last post by z1ts
I'll get this in quick: I don't hate cats.

BUT I do have issues at the moment with one of the UK's feline specimens!

My issue is that next-door's cat keeps cr4ping on my grass  >:( With a resident toddler & baby, the resulting agro in the house of z1ts is ENORMOUS...

Aside from removing it forcibly (and permanently?), how do I prevent the jolly thing doing 'it' in my garden??

Some kind of repellent?  Aromatic/accoustic?

Thanks in advance!


 on: Today at 01:35:52 PM 
Started by Black Sheep - Last post by jaydub
Don't get me wrong, the in-built sound from the TV itself is adequate enough, just working on a cost-effective basis I think circa 150 for a sound-bar will benefit us.  :)

We have a three year old Sony Bravia and the sound out of the box was pretty poor.  The stand on ours is so low profile you can't put a sound bar in front of it, so we've now gone for a sound base option on the shelf below, which at least allows us to stack our Freeview recorder on top of it.

The sound is orders of magnitude better than the TV's.  Worth considering as an alternative to sound bars in my view.

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